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A parents guide to the school holidays

Have the school holidays crept up on you, once again? It feels like the year only just kicked off and we’re already finished with the first term of the school year. Although the school holiday period brings much joy, there’s always the constant challenge to entertain your little ones. Don’t let it stress you out. Take it as the perfect opportunity to take a break and spend quality time with family and friends. If you’re looking for activities to keep little ones or even older teenagers entertained, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities for the kids of all ages to enjoy. There’s no need to fear the holiday period – get sorted with our digital gift card platform! Enjoy your Easter break with the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation and creativity. Continue reading for the only guide you need to get through the two-week break.

Take a break!

Looking to get away? Take a quick and well-needed break and escape down the coast or to the country. If you have some time off, why not enjoy a few days spent exploring a new town. You don’t need to travel far to relax and unwind. Local escapes and short stays are easy to plan, and even easier to enjoy. Better yet, parents will enjoy the holiday just as much as the kids. Book your next local getaway with a digital gift card from Trip Gift, Flight Centre or the Global Hotel Card.

Try something new!

For a guaranteed good time, look no further than a Red Balloon experience. With thousands of activities across Australia, the only challenge is making a decision on which adventure to book. For mini adrenaline-seekers, visit your nearest iFly to experience the next best thing to skydiving. With the integrated virtual reality, you’ll really feel like you’re soaring over sprawling landscapes and incredible destinations. Encourage the family to head outdoors and explore your local Zoo, or take the family into the sky to watch the sunrise from the clouds in a hot air balloon. These are just some of the adventures awaiting these school holidays, thanks to RedBalloon.

Get your bake on!

Get in the holiday spirit and help the kids bake delicious homemade Easter treats. It doesn’t feel like Easter unless you’re waking up to a hot cross bun every morning. Woolworths have the best recipes and ingredients to get you on your baking way. An afternoon in the kitchen is the perfect activity for a rainy day, and one that the kids will love to be part of. You’ll impress your Easter guests too!

Enjoy the show!

Sit down and enjoy the show! Ticketmaster is your destination for Australian entertainment. Find tickets to theatre shows and family-friendly attractions for a day out you won’t forget. There’s so many shows on offer, no matter where you’re located in Australia. From the Sydney Royal Easter Show to the outdoor musical adventure, The Jungle Book in Melbourne.

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