Best Baby Shower Presents For Parents-To-Be

Sep 17, 2021
Best Baby Shower Presents For Parents
Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Parents

If you have ever been to a baby shower for a soon-to-be parent, you would know the excitement of an impending newborn and the thrill of the parents as they prepare for one of the most exciting stages of life.

Choosing a gift for a newborn can often be tricky, as babies come in all shapes and sizes and a parent’s style and vision for their baby items is something they may have dreamed of for years and years.

A baby shower is a beautiful time for friends and family to get together and support the parents-to-be and baby. A perfect baby shower gift for a new parent will vary depending on plenty of factors, from the sex of the baby, the style of the nursery and even the way the parents envisage the way they want to bring up their baby.

There are many great baby shower presents new parents will love; we’ve outlined a few to get your baby shower planning underway.

Baby Shower Presents for Parents

Great gift ideas for a baby shower or newborn 

Celebrate the life of a newborn with a few of these wonderful newborn and baby shower gift ideas:

Embroidered baby blanket – a special keepsake for baby, an embroidered blanket with the baby’s name (if you know it) is a sweet addition to shower the baby and parents with lots of love. Children often keep their baby blankets for many years to come, and there are some attractive options on the market based on the temperature and climate the baby will be living in and the colour palette or style of the nursery the bub will be sleeping in. 

Teething toys and books – babies start teething at around six months (sometimes earlier), and a most welcome item for a baby shower present is teething toys and teething books. Soft and safe, these toys are great fun for baby as it develops and explore, and can be introduced at only a few months of age. 

Breastfeeding organiser – there can be a lot of sitting around once the baby is born, often breastfeeding on the couch, or feeding the baby a bottle while sitting down. An organiser or caddy is a very handy way to keep all the essentials together. From lip balm, a bottle of water, nappies, wipes and some tissues, a baby caddy is a lifesaver for any mum stuck on the couch for long lengths of time while the baby is napping, feeding, or needing a little cuddle. 

Newborn Baby Gift Cards Presents for Parents

Sound machine for a good sleep – a godsend for those babies needing a little extra help to go to sleep, a sound machine can echo the calm sounds of the ocean or white noise, helping the baby drift off to a restful sleep. Available from various brands, sound machines are portable and a well-known way to help babies enjoy rest. 

Furniture for the nursery – many parents would be most appreciative pieces of furniture or larger items for the nursery. A feeding chair, chest of drawers with a changing table, or a cot are often some of the more popular furniture items gifted for a baby shower. 

Often, one of the most welcome gifts for a newborn and their parents is a digital gift card to spend on a present that a new parent’s taste to a tee.

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Newborn Baby Gift Cards for Parents

Baby shower and newborn gifting has never been easy with a digital gift card from GIFTA

With 100’s of brands, choosing the perfect baby shower gift for a new baby or mama is simple with a newborn gift card. Baby showers don’t need to be nappy cakes, baby baths and unwanted newborn presents, choose a gift you know the mamma-to-be will love with a digital gift card.

Explore the incredible range of options available to help deck out the nursery, chip in for the car seat, indulge in delicate soft furnishings or choose a gift card that will allow the new parents a special romantic night out before the baby arrives.

Baby Shower Gift Cards for Parents

Digital baby shower gift cards are a wonderful option for newborns and baby shower gifts 

GIFTA offers hundreds of gift ideas for that perfect baby shower or newborn gift you’ve been searching for. Simply jump on the App Store or Google Play and download the app today and start buying and gifting cards online.

Choose from great retailers such as Bonds, Seed Heritage, Country Road, David Jones, Big W, and Catch of the Day for baby shower and newborn gifts – there are hundreds of options to choose from on GIFTA. 

If you can’t attend the baby shower or want to send a gift for when the baby arrives instantly, a digital gift card is an ideal way to share your love and excitement of the new bundle of joy’s arrival. 

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