Here’s Why Businesses Are Choosing Digital Gift Cards For Employee Christmas Gifts

Dec 02, 2022
Here’s Why Businesses Are Choosing Digital Gift Cards For Employee Christmas Gifts

Corporate gifting is a powerful tool that when used right, can be the perfect strategy to recognise your hardworking team for another year of effective work. Here’s a quick tip on doing corporate gifting right: buy corporate gift cards. 

As every company has discovered one way or another, the business landscape of the world has immensely shifted over the past couple of years. Working from home is more of a thing now than ever, and with that comes changes to everything we do: from workday interactions and team offsites, right up to recognition. 

Enter corporate branded gift cardsin an ever-shifting world, it’s become increasingly important to find gifts that are just as flexible as our environment, and GIFTA’s corporate gift cards fit the bill perfectly.

The Christmas and holiday festivities bring along with them the yearly question of corporate gifting: how much to spend, what’s a good gift, and how do you get it done efficiently? Rewarding employees every year-end is an incentive and a “thank you” for a job well done. And of course, there’s no better time to do so than the season of giving.

 A time to reflect on the year passed, and to show your appreciation for them staying the course and continuing to do great work in the upcoming year. A well-chosen and thoughtful present can be a key memory in employees’ minds, fostering a positive working environment and team camaraderie, both of which are instrumental to employee satisfaction.  

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Custom corporate gifts that know how to build bridges.

On the flip side, if you’re not planning to personalise your gift to work for your team, or if the gift you’re after falls flat in appealing to the target demographic – you’re better off not doing anything at all.

When executed right, the benefits of corporate gifting are endless. It’s important to get right, so that’s why businesses are now turning to corporate e-gift cards for their holiday shopping needs. 

There’s a genuine business need here that comes with finding the most fruitful, efficient, and personal way to do corporate gifting; how do you find tailor-made gifts that appeal to all and don’t break your business’s back or bank to do? Here are all the reasons why an increasing number of businesses are making the shift to corporate e-gift cards :


Custom corporate gifts that know how to build bridges.

  • Custom corporate gift cards bridge the gap between presents that are personal, engaging, and premium, yet seamless for both the sender and the recipient. If you want to strengthen relationships between management and staff, promote a better working ethic, and make someone’s day, we know just the recipe. 

 GIFTA offers the best gift cards for Christmas you can find Australia-wide, and our corporate prepaid cards aren’t the kind that gets tossed and lost. We offer memorable online gift cards that can be as customised as you want and are the key to accessing top retailers Australia-wide. 

Efficient and scalable – we move with your business. 

  • We promised efficiency and we made sure to deliver: we’ve made tracking and managing all your Christmas digital gift cards easier than ever. Whether you’re after small or large-scale gifting, our personalised corporate portal makes it virtually effortless to scale gifts and manage your corporate gift card Australia-wide deliveries all in one place.
  • Get your corporate portal set up in no time, all we need for you is some details via the form on our Corporate Enquiries page

Something for everyone, even those who “don’t want anything”.

  • It’s a tall order looking for something that’s creative, versatile and the right fit for every employee in your business. Tagging a “Just for you” card on a cute plant won’t mean much to team members who’ve sworn off gardening, and won’t impact them in a way that matters. 
  • The simple solution is to  purchase gift cards online. Corporate Christmas gift cards are a premium go-to strategy to express your gratitude in a way that’ll actually matter to your employees. GIFTA’s selection includes options of over hundreds of Australia’s top brands and retailers so there’s definitely a good gift in there for everyone. 
  • For adventurous thrill-seekers on the team, Adrenaline and Redballoon are the top picks with experiences ranging from dolphin swimming to skydiving and with Good Food, Gourmet Traveller, and UberEats, the foodies of your team are bound to eat up a good Christmas storm. And that’s just a sneak peek of what our corporate gift cards for employees can get you. For a better look at our offerings, we’ve curated a list of corporate gift card ideas your staff are sure to love no matter what they’re into. 

Perfect gifting, all wrapped up in seconds.

  • No need to coordinate delivery drops with out-of-office days, jot down order cut-off dates, or worry about cramming onto the nightmare queue that is the postal mail in hopes that it’ll make it in time for Christmas. Our Australian gift cards can be sent country-wide with the click of a button or scheduled in advance to be delivered on a specific date. 

Flexible and free.

  • Part of what makes us some of the best corporate gift cards in the market is undoubtedly our swap cards. Our swap cards come in seven different categories like Entertainment, Fashion, Health & Wellness, and Travel & Adventure. Your giftees can swap the card between any retailer of the same category, or even across as many categories as they’d like if you opt for our Ultimate Swap Card. 

With the number of brands we have on offer, spoil your staff with options that’ll make it a great Christmas for them, their family, and whomever else they’d want to treat.

GIFTA makes Christmas gift cards for employees easier and more fun. Get started now.

GIFTA makes Christmas gift cards for employees easier and more fun. Get started now.

Let’s not forget the fun – after all, it is the holidays. Our cheery limited edition Christmas gift card designs and your company’s branding have all the makings of the best “Merry Christmas” gift card around.

We’ve got a specialised 24/7 support team ready to help you with any questions you might have when you start gifting with our electronic gift cards.  Visit our Corporate Enquiries page and fill out the form to instantly get set up.  Our specialised corporate gift cards for employees ensure you take corporate gifting up a notch. Get gifting with the best, and you’ll see the benefits in no time.

If you’ve got more questions on how to buy gift cards online with us, we’re happy to help! Click and learn about Digital Gift Cards.

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