Easter Gifting for Your Team!

Apr 14, 2022
Easter Gifting for your Team
Easter Gifting Cards to Employees

The season of Easter has arrived and while your employees are working hard in anticipation for the long weekend, you should be getting ready to reward them for their efforts with a corporate gift. Make this Easter the best one yet for your employees, we all know they deserve it after being confined to their homes the past few holidays due to covid with the long weekend quickly approaching workers are anxiously waiting for trips overseas, interstate or even just some time to chill at home and reboot, buy them the perfect present and contribute to their long weekend shenanigans. Whether your employees celebrate Easter or not the long weekend still awaits them so why not help them make the most of it as a thank you for all the hard work.

It may be perplexing to know where to start when gifting employees as an incentive if your company hasn’t already established a functional rewards program. However, GIFTA makes corporate gifting easy with our offering of customised corporate gift cards that can display your company branding as well as the opportunity to record a video message to say a quick thank you to your workers. Sending digital gift cards is the best approach to restriction free and individualised gifting.

Send Digital Gift Cards to Employees

Succeed in motivating your workers by gifting them in a way that’s personal to their likes. Everyone is different and purchasing a personalised gift will show your employees that you recognise their individuality and took the time to understand their passions. Inevitably this will make them feel as though they are an asset to the company and encourage them to come back ready to take on the challenges that coexist with work.

Go the extra mile this year by rewarding your workers with corporate gift cards that they can use at all the best places. Push your employees to take full advantage of their long weekend so they can come back refreshed and ready to take on a new week. Our large range of gift cards is your prime route for employee present picking as it can be customised person to person.

Gifting for the thrill seekers

The long weekend is the perfect opportunity to undertake new adventures, whether you want to broaden your horizon by jumping off a plane with some buddies or catch a beautiful scenic view on a hot air balloon. Use our digital gift cards to set your workers up with activities for the long weekend from places including, RedBalloon, Adrenaline and Drummond Golf. Or support them in funding their trip to see a loved one interstate or overseas with gift cards from Webjet, Flight Centre and TripGift. These are all enveloped in our Travel and Adventure Swap cards if you don’t know where to start.


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Corporate Gift Cards to Employees

For the home bodies 

For your workers that prefer the coziness of indoors this cold season our Entertainment Swap card is perfect, it can be used to catch the latest movie at Hoyts or buy the newest game at EB Games. Alternatively provide your employees with long weekend feasts with our Good Food Swap card which envelopes brands such as UberEats and Woolworths, allowing them to order in from the comfort of their home.

For those who need some down time 

Encourage your employees to take some down time and pamper them with our Health and Wellness Swap card. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want a relaxing massage at Endota Spa or a shopping spree at Sephora or The ICONIC. Make your employee gift giving personalised this season and choose the perfect customised present. 

For the impossible to gift worker that mostly keeps to themselves

There is always that one person in the office who keeps to themselves and is hesitant to share their likes and dislikes. If you’re still unsure on the perfect gift for them try the ultimate GIFTA Swap Card which can be used across 100+ of the best brands that encompass a range of genres from toys and games to groceries and liquor.

Corporate Gifting Ideas

GIFTA - The easiest way to personalize employee gifting

Gifting this Easter was just made easier with these corporate gifting ideas. Choose from our large range of gift and Swap cards and add a personalised video message or company design to appeal to your workers. Leave your employees satisfied with themselves and their workplace by gratifying them with long weekend festivities to take a break from the strenuous and repetitive work filled weeks.

No matter which gift card you pick, make gift giving and receiving an experience with GIFTA. Send your digital gift card to employees located all throughout Australia without fear of late delivery. Enquire with us today and create your corporate account.

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