Gifts That Kids Actually Want!

Sep 30, 2021
Gaming Gift Cards for Kids
Gaming Gift Cards for Child, Students and Teenagers

Shopping for a child, student or teenager doesn’t need to make you want to tear your hair out – finding the perfect gift can be as simple as purchasing a digital gift card.

There will be no more unwanted gifts when you buy digital gift cards for your kid and student presents. Whether they love gaming, movies, retail therapy, or just about anything the younger generation is into, you can get a present they love and want when you gift a digital gift card.

Buy a gift for a child that fits their interests and passions perfectly

There are plenty of great ideas for kids’ gifts when you have a quick search, literally thousands of ideas for every taste and passion.

Whether you’re shopping for a child that loves reading, clothes, adventure sports, gaming, movies, or craft, you can arrange a digital gift card that ticks all the boxes and much more.

Perfect Digital Gift Cards for Kids

These days it can be difficult to choose a gift that a child wants; there is so much available. A gift card takes away all the worry – giving the gift that they want, the option to choose! Have you ever presented a gift to a child and seen the look of disinterest or been told that they already have the item? Fear not, a corporate gift card and digital gift card is a gift that kids want and means no wasted money or time when you’re buying the gift.

Top ideas for the perfect kids present

If you’re a parent and don’t know what your child might like for a birthday, or an upcoming special occasion, below are some great options that will put a huge smile on your face and the face of your kid.

You may or may not know the child’s interests you are buying for; however, as a guide, here are some popular ideas for kid’s gifts that you might want to consider.

  • Computer games – if the child or student you are buying for loves gaming or computer games, a gift card to  MyerDavid Jones or Harvey Norman will allow them to buy some of the latest games. Don’t stress out trying to choose the games yourself; grab a digital gift card, and you know they can choose the latest games that they don’t already have in their gaming stable.

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Purchase GIFTA Digital Gift Cards Online
  • Outdoor or adventure equipment – if you are buying for someone that loves the outdoors and might even like the idea of learning to fish, hike or camp, a gift card for one of the outdoor outlets such as BCF, or even an online retailer such as, or could be a winner. 
  • Electronics and devices – kids spend a lot of time on devices and electronics these days, and a gift card can contribute towards some of the latest tech accessories or even a new device (if you’re super generous!). Check out Myer, or Harvey Norman for the latest gear and gift a digital gift card that will allow them to buy the ultimate electronic pressie.
  • Fashion and clothing – have you got a fashionista on your hands or a child that loves to get dolled up? Why not explore a fashion gift card that can be used towards a range of Australian retailers. Choose from retailers such as Country RoadWitcheryThe IconicMimcoFrench ConnectionCity Beach, Bonds, and Ebay for the latest gear; kids can use the card across several retailers and choose the exact styles they like to create the perfect outfit. 

Purchasing a gift card online is not only much easier than trying to buy for kids, but it is always a fantastic way to provide the independence for a child to select their own gifts to suit their style and tastes.

Purchase Digital Gift Cards for Kids during School Holidays

Digital gifts your kids want these school holidays

Kids can be a challenge to shop for; if you want to find the perfect gift, why not consider a digital gift card so you can ensure you get it right each time there is a special occasion.

Australian gift cards shop, GIFTA offers hundreds of gift ideas for the perfect present for a kid or teenager, jump on the App Store or Google Play, and download the gift card application today and start buying and gifting cards online.

Visit the shop today and explore 100’s of unique last-minute gift ideas and grab a gift card directly from your phone 24/7. Next time you need to buy a kid’s gift, think GIFTA!

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