The Best Holiday Gifts for Christmas Everyone Will Want

Nov 08, 2021
Holiday Gifts for Christmas
Redeem your Gift Cards for Christmas

‘Tis the season for lively family dinners, church carols, and holiday potlucks bursting with stuffed turkey. The list of things to love about Christmas seems endless but we know, gift shopping doesn’t always make the cut. They say giving is better than receiving; the feeling when your hard work is rewarded with hugs and wide-toothed grins, but surely – you think to yourself– there’s got to be an easier way to find the perfect gift.  If you’ve ever thought to buy gift cards online but decided that it seemed too impersonal, difficult to manage, or useless – we’re here to show you how the electronic gift card might just be the solution to your Yuletide shopping stresses.

If you’re looking for a gift that’ll satisfy even the nit-pickiest of holiday-goers (we’re looking at you and your meticulous cookware preferences, Mum!), the best way to go is to buy digital gift cards online. Fuss-free and available Australia-wide, with GIFTA you can send gift cards online in minutes with no registration necessary. We know for sure there won’t be any regifting going on this year!

Christmas Gift Cards for Dad

No matter if it’s for someone you’ve known your whole life, a partner you’ve started seeing a month ago, or an office Secret Santa, GIFTA’s got you covered. Read on for our editor’s picks of the top holiday gift ideas your loved ones can get when they redeem your gift cards. We’ve organised them by category so you’ll be sure you haven’t missed anyone on your list!

The best gifts your favourite people can get when they redeem your gift cards

For: Your Day One’s (Mum & Dad)

  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush (Catch) – give mum the gift of effortlessly amazing hair days. No saloon treatment necessary.
  • Neck and Back Massager (Amazon) – for the times where mum & dad can’t head to the spa (which, let’s face it, is often) you can bring the spa right to them. Doesn’t get better than that.
  • Coffee and Espresso Maker (Amazon) – make early morning coffee runs easier than ever. Cafe-style coffee right from your kitchen? Don’t mind if we do.

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Christmas Gift Cards for Mom

For: The partner you appreciate (most of the time)

  • Luxury Egyptian Cotton Robe (Sheridan) – make their showers feel like a million bucks with this hotel-style bathrobe.
  • Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses (eBay) – these shades don’t just help your S.O. look cool, they’re also a Bluetooth headset that’s straight outta James Bond movies. Make phone calls, listen to music, and block out the sun.
  • Two Trees Blue Stripe Double Hammock Kit (Bunnings) – hammocks are cool. Hammocks are relaxing. Hammocks are what your partner never knew they wanted. You’re welcome.

For: All of your best friends

  • Philips Smart Sleep & Wake-Up Light (Amazon)– the perfect light for insomniacs with a questionable sleep schedule. Also, sleeping with a sunset simulation is a whole vibe.
  • Aesop Home Care Kit 2021 (The Iconic) – this bad boy packs in an Aromatique Room Spray, Toilet Drops, and Hand Wash to keep your bestie's house fresh for your next sleepover (this gift’s actually secretly for you).
  • Echo Dot (Kogan) – an Alexa-enabled LED clock that displays the temperature, countdown timer, and doubles as an awesome speaker? We want one too.
Electronic Gift Cards

For: Luxe gifts on a budget

  • Bed Tray (IKEA) – make Monday’s feel a little extra boujee with breakfast in bed.
  • W&P Popper (Amazon) – Toss in some kernels and stick it in the microwave for homemade popcorn done in seconds. Movie nights just got an upgrade!
  • Hanging Diamond Glass Terrarium (Catch) – add an effortlessly minimalistic touch of class to any room with these diamond glass terrariums. Perfect for all plant-mums.

Festive gifting is made simple when you send gift cards online!

Can’t decide which gift is best? That’s where GIFTA swap cards come in. Swap cards allow your giftee to – you guessed it– swap amongst hundreds of Australia’s top brands. When your giftee wants to redeem your gift cards, they can split up the value between several brands, meaning they can get all the picks we’ve listed and even more.

Send Gift Cards Online

Swap cards are available in 7 categories: Travel & Adventure, Entertainment, Home & Living, Good Food, Kids & Baby, and Health & Wellness, or opt for the Ultimate Swap Card to pick from any brand in any category.

Schedule your electronic gift cards for a future date (a Christmas morning surprise perhaps), or send them instantly from your phone or laptop. With just a few easy steps, your recipients will receive your gift alongside a personalised message via email and text message.

Visit our Shop page now to get hunting for the perfect cards for your special people. Spread the holiday cheer and send digital gift cards online – it’s easier and more satisfying than ever. That’s a Merry Christmas to all!

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