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Feb 15, 2021
Adrenaline Gift Cards & Vouchers
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Life is about the memories you make! We’re sharing with you the incredible adventures and experiences available with GIFTA. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at Adrenaline to treat our mate Carl to an experience of a lifetime. One adrenaline gift card later and he was on his way to Adventure Flight Co at Barwon Heads Airport for a warbird aerobatic adventure flight. Carl was met by the friendly and very-experienced aerobatic pilot, Anatole Mills who took him through a safety check and briefing. From there, Carl was strapped into the cockpit of an ex-military warbird fighter trainer and got ready to live out his fighter pilot dream! With his adrenaline pumping and heart pounding, the next 20 minutes up in the clouds consisted of loops, barrel rolls, spins and turns. With the fighter pilot doing all the work, Carl’s only job was to enjoy the coastal view – whilst trying not to flinch!


Adrenaline Gift Vouchers - Valid For Every Major Airline

The thrills of high speed and the incredible G-force makes the experience unlike no other. The aircraft’s powerful engine takes you from zero to 300km/h in under five seconds. The aerobatic flight isn’t for the faint hearted but luckily, the experience is customisable. From mild to wild, the pilot can slowly increase the difficulty and G force to your liking. You’re also in constant communication with the pilot who will talk you through all the manoeuvres before safely bringing you back down to the ground. Moreover, you’re in safe hands with the highly experienced airline, aerobatic and RAAF pilots.

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Adrenaline offers thousands of experiences, whether you’re buying for someone who’d love to be shaken around in a high powered aircraft or, someone who’d prefer to sail into the sunset on a tall ship. Fly 4000ft into the air or stay safely put on land! The gift of an experience is truly unmatched. Better yet, Adrenaline gift vouchers put the decision-making in the hands of the recipient! With a five year expiry, there’s no rush to book an adventure. When purchasing an Adrenaline gift voucher, you can select a custom value up to $500.

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GIFTA is much more than a digital gift card. It is a platform to unlock endless possibilities. GIFTA supercharges traditional gift cards by combining the convenience of sending straight from your phone and the freedom of letting the recipient shop how they want! Better yet, GIFTA’s added functionality of allowing users to send a video message is another way the platform is helping people connect through experiences.

Become a great gift-giver, and give the gift of choice. Whether you choose a digital gift card to Adrenaline, or any of our other great brands and merchants, you can’t go wrong. Follow us on our journey at #gifta goes as we unlock more experiences and create more memories. Where will we go next?

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