Up and away in a hot air balloon with GIFTA

Mar 02, 2021
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Hot Air Balloon Gift Cards at GIFTA

With the help from our friends at Adrenaline and Picture This Ballooning, our team took to the sky for a morning like no other. Gliding through the clouds in a hot air balloon is not how our mornings usually begin, although we can confirm it was definitely worth waking up before dawn for. We arrived at Melbourne’s CBD by 5am and were met with the friendly team from Picture This Ballooning who led us to the launch site at Yarra Bend. Ready for an early morning adventure, we watched as the hot air balloon rides prepared for take off. You almost didn’t realise the basket was off the ground, as the balloon slowly and gently took off. Before we knew it, we took to the sky and glided over parkland and headed across the CBD and beyond to Port Phillip Bay. Slowly reaching 1500ft in the air, the streets of Melbourne and the spectacular city skyline stretched out beneath us.

Whether you are new to Melbourne, or have lived in the city your entire life, gliding above the awakening city offers a completely new perspective. As we floated peacefully through the clouds, it was incredible to see iconic attractions from above. The MCG, Shrine of Remembrance and Royal Botanic Gardens in South Yarra all seemed at arms reach. Enjoying our city before the chaos of the morning rush was an experience like no other, and one to really make you appreciate the beauty of Melbourne. Even more breath-taking were the views of the morning sun slowly rising. As we soaked in the picture-perfect sunrise, we could not possibly think of a better way to start our day.


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When our jaws weren’t on the ground from the picturesque 180-degree views in front of us, we were taking in the history of hot air balloon in Australia. Although being the one of the best cities in the world is not news to us, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Melbourne is one of the only major cities where commercial ballooning happens on a regular basis. We also learned that hot air ballooning dates back to 1783 with the first flight occurring in Paris. No wonder hot air balloon flights are synonymous for romance! If there was ever a good reason to wake up before dawn, this is it. We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Adrenaline once again for an experience we’ll never forget.

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