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Uber Eats - Australia Digital Gift Card

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Top local restaurants are just a tap away. Use your Uber account to order food that you crave from restaurants you love, delivered directly to your door.

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By using this gift card, you accept the following terms and conditions: This gift card will expire three years from the date of activation. Cards issued prior to the 31st March 2018 will expire 1 year after date of issue. Upon expiration, unused funds will not be refunded or credited. This Read more...


The Uber Eats Gift card unlocks hundreds of local restaurants to enable food delivery of your favourite meal direct to your door. An Uber Eats gift card gives convenience which means you can order take-away from the food delivery platform in just a few easy taps from your mobile phone.
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Uber Eats - Australia Gift Card

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Uber Eats - Australia Gift Card

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