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TripGift® One gift card – travel anywhere
The International Award winning TripGift® offers the world’s best Travel Gift card and Travel booking site.
TripGift® offers everything needed to book a trip online with over 1.5 million options for domestic and worldwide travel. With a uniq Read more...

Terms & Conditions

1) Gift cards must be used as a form of payment towards a new reservation made directly with the TripGift website. 
2) Gift cards is valid only in AUD for all products that we have available.
3) Gift cards can only be applied to a NEW individual reservation made in AUD.
4) Gift cards may


Redemption Instructions
1. To redeem your TripGift® Travel Gift card please visit
2. Register an Account
3. Click on Book Trip
4. Once you have selected the options that best suit your requirements, enter the details of all persons involved in the booking
5. Proceed

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AUS TripGift Gift Card

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AUS TripGift Gift Card

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