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GIFTA is the best way to send and receive electronic gift cards… Here’s why!

GIFTA is the best way to send and receive electronic gift cards… Here’s why!

GIFTA’s gift card platform transforms the way you send gift cards online. Take the guesswork out of gifting and buy something they really want! It’s never been easier to make someone’s day and ensure the giftee is super impressed with your gifting efforts. With just a few clicks, you can purchase an electronic gift card and have it sent to a special someone by SMS and email. GIFTA holds access to hundreds of the biggest and best brands, making it a gift on top of everyone’s wish list! Find gift cards to Australia’s much-loved retailers including Amazon, Bunnings, David Jones, eBay, Woolworths and many more. Download the GIFTA app or shop directly from our online gift card store. Explore all of your favourite gift cards, right at your fingertips. 


Better yet, we’ve got your back if you’ve totally forgotten to buy a gift for a special occasion – wedding anniversary, your mum’s birthday or your brother’s graduation? They’ll never know you only remembered the morning of. Send a gift card online in seconds and sit back and wait for the thanks to roll in. It’s that easy! Have we convinced you yet? Continue reading to learn more about the amazing and unique benefits of our gifting solution.


Send instantly! 

Left buying a gift to the very last minute? We’ve all been there! Simply send an electronic gift card from the comfort of your own home and avoid running around at the shops. There’s no need to search far and wide for the perfect gift. Even your fussiest friend will obsess over this! For those that are more organised, you can even schedule your gift card to be sent at a later date. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to the days of tracking the arrival of online orders and paying delivery fees. 


It’s the ultimate gift of choice! 

GIFTA takes giving the gift of choice to the next level! A GIFTA card doesn’t only stand out because it’s bright pink in colour. It holds endless possibilities and allows the recipient to swap and shop across hundreds of brands. This even lets you split the gift card value across multiple brands of your choice. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. 


They hold stacks of thought! 

Never before has a gift card been so personal. Send a gift card online to your nearest and dearest and surprise them with a personalised video message. If distance is in the way on your friend’s special day, GIFTA makes sure you don’t miss out on celebrating with them. You can also add a written message to customise the gift card for any occasion. 


Never lose a gift card again! 

You can forget the days of getting to the counter and realising you left your gift card at home! Save your gift card within the GIFTA app so it’s always close by. You can even save it to your Apple or Google wallet. Our gift cards can also be redeemed online by entering the unique card number during checkout. No need to run around trying to remember where you put that gift card two Christmases ago. Save it straight to your phone! 


Shop from the App! 

Download the GIFTA app and register an account to explore the easiest way to send and receive gift cards. Stay on top of your gift cards and save all them in one place!

Click the link below and download the app now:



We’ve perfected the art of giving to make sure you never give or receive an unwanted gift again. Join the era of digital gift cards and make someone’s day today! 
For any questions or enquiries relating to GIFTA, get in touch with us today. 

Shop some of our popular gift cards! 

GIFTA holds access to hundreds of your favourite brands Australia-wide. Find something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a gift card to put towards a dining experience, a getaway or a shopping spree. 

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