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Kite surf like a pro with Adrenaline gift cards

We partnered with Adrenaline to learn how to kite surf like a pro! There is no better place to learn to kite surf than with the team at Kite Republic; Melbourne’s original kiteboarding school. Since its owner Chris Sal opened Kite Republic’s doors in 2000, it’s been the most prominent school on St Kilda’s West Beach. Chris himself has led the school with his incredible talent and passion for the water sport. We were so lucky to chase the wind with the best in the biz! What exactly is kite surfing..? Just imagine skateboarding and surfing combined! Completely powered by the wind, it is a water sport that uses a lightweight kite and a board to drive you through the waves.


The best thing about kite surfing is that it is a sport anyone can give a go. Of course becoming a pro will take a lot of skill and commitment, but you can learn at your own pace. Kite Republic offers a variety of course options including a 2-hour introductory. This will guide you through the basics of learning to fly the kite on land, understanding kite control and knowing how to read the wind. Chris helped our friend, Taliza build confidence and familiarise herself with the equipment, before launching in the water and riding the wind. 


Enough reading, more watching! Check out the full experience. 


Just like Taliza, you can start your lesson as a complete beginner. With a qualified and experienced instructor like Chris, you can hit the water with just one hour of practice on the sand. Learn how to steer a beginners kite and practice reading the wind. You’ll then be able to launch in the water and ride the wind. You’ll love the kite life once you are up and propelling across the water. A few falls along the way is only part of the fun! Kite Republic is one of the many amazing schools across Australia you can learn to kite surf. Wherever you can find wind and the ocean, you can kite surf. Then all you need is a kite and a board, and you’re on your way. With Australia’s endless sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, it’s the perfect destination for budding kite enthusiasts.


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